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January 1999

Picture of Michael HartDear friends and supporters:

Hope your 1999 is off to a good start. May the millennium bug not wear you thin!

Fall of '98 was busy with the Dulcimer Light Christmas CD (second time around). Singing Christmas music each year continues to be one of my favorite times, albeit a little crazy. Thanks to all those who sent emails this fall expressing encouragement and enjoyment of this project. Here is one sample:

"This will probably come as a surprise. Any who, I was wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to you Christmas CD. Thank you. I was very blessed and moved. God bless you in this ministry. I particularly liked Mary Did You Know, Lully Lullay and your "Irish" Or some strange accent - the Celtic flavour- great stuff."

Well, it's time for me now to "carpe yearem", and my desire is to get on to the next album. This will be my first CD containing primarily my own writing in 6 years. Why so long you ask? Partly budget, partly the Christmas CD in between, and waiting for a clear picture of the shape and form of this new project.

I've decided to do a CD that includes Psalms from Scripture, several on dulcimer, and a balance of some praise songs that, in some cases, will be user-friendly enough for others to sing and play -- plus a couple of rhythmic Spanish-y type instrumentals. On this CD, I want to represent two sides of the coin: God's story, as expressed in the scripture, and my own stories/experiences, both merging and interacting with one another. The production will be on the Celtic/world beat side again, keeping it acoustic, percussive and fun, yet with an air of simplicity, for clarity's sake. It will have a 'live off the floor feel' to it and I will be recording with some fine musicians -- more about them in the next newsletter.

Here are samples of two song lyrics, representing the two sides of the coin I've mentioned above. The first is a driving Psalm 139, sort of a King David influenced by Annie Lennox in a post-modern age! The second is a ballad song I wrote for my wife Jan, to celebrate 13 years of marriage. Hence the title 5000 Days.

If you'd like to be on the mailing list so we can get in touch with you when the project is ready, you can join here. You'll get some better deals this way, too. This is very helpful for all of us, as the main thing is to get the CD into your hands and hearts when you want it. I anticipate this release being ready by September 1999. I'm very excited about it, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Michael Hart signature

P.S.  If you have any comments or questions as a result of anything you've seen on this site, please Email me at mhart@stairway.org. Responses are made to each individual, generally within a week.


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